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Workers' Compensation is a very complex area of the law. Many people choose to handle their claims themselves, only to be denied or to find out later that they have not been getting all of their entitled benefits. At the law firm of Kennedy & Colasurd, we are committed to helping people like you avoid these problems.


We can help file your claim if you have been injured at work, or review your case to make sure you are getting full benefits. We can represent you in appeals if your workers' comp claim was denied or if your benefits have been discontinued or reduced.


Kennedy & Colasurd represents injured workers in Franklin County and surrounding counties of Central Ohio. We can help at any stage. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Ohio Work Injury Attorney Michael D. Colasurd


Many people do not know their rights and what benefits they are entitled to. For example, did you know that you can choose your doctor? You do not need to be treated by the doctor your employer sends you to. Do you know the difference between temporary total, permanent partial and permanent total disability? If and when you return to work, did you know that your claim can stay open for several years, or be reactivated if your condition deteriorates?


Attorney Michael Colasurd has practiced in Ohio Workers' Compensation law for 30 years. He can answer your questions and address every facet of your work-related injury claims:

  • Medical Benefits — You are entitled to free medical treatment, but many injured workers meet resistance from the managed care organization (MCO) when they seek an MRI, surgery or other necessary care. You are allowed to choose your own doctor.
  • Temporary Total (TT) compensation Temporary Total is a wage replacement benefit payable if your disability is temporary, you are not able to return to your prior employment, you are not working and you have not been offered work within your restrictions. TT benefits are often contested on the basis that a claimant has reached maximum medical improvement, or for other reasons such as voluntary abandonment. Sometimes you may be entitled to TT benefits if you have returned to work but something caused you to again become temporarily disabled.
  • Permanent Partial Disability - Permanent Partial Disability is an award to compensate you for permanent injury and disability. You may be entitled to this award whether or not you have returned to your job.  Many people overlook this important award because they think that if they have their medical bills paid, and are paid for their time off, they are not entitled to anything else.
  • Wage Loss (WL) Wage loss is the difference between your AWW (average weekly wage) and your current wages, if you had to take other employment because of your restrictions, and in some cases if you are not working but actively looking for employment.
  • Scheduled Loss Another type of permanent partial disability, this is an additional fixed benefit for amputation or loss of use, or loss of vision or hearing.
  • Facial Disfigurement You may qualify for a one-time award for scarring or disfiguring injuries on your face or head.
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD) — Benefits may be paid to you for the remainder of your life if you are permanently and totally unable to return to any employment as a result of your injury. These claims are often very contested and need to be carefully documented.
  • Violation of a Specific Safety Requirement (VSSR) You may be entitled to special compensation of up to 50 percent of your total award if your injury is directly tied to a workplace safety violation.
  • Death Benefits An employee's dependents are entitled to benefits for a fatal workplace accident or other death resulting from work injuries.
  • Lump Sum Settlement (LSS) There are pros and cons to settling your workers' comp case for a cash payment. Michael Colasurd can help you decide whether to take a settlement under your particular circumstances.

This is a simplification of complex statutes and case-specific issues. There are dozens of reasons to talk to an experienced Workers' Compensation lawyer — the earlier the better. If you fail to file a claim with a certain period or fail to appeal a denied claim before the deadline, for example, your rights may be forfeited.


Kennedy & Colasurd has handled every type of case, including loss of limb, back and neck injuries, head injuries, knee and shoulder injuries, broken bones, overuse injuries (repetitive stress), aggravation of pre-existing injuries and injury-induced psychological conditions. We strive to ensure you are fully compensated for the short-term hardships and the long-term impact.


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